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Оформляндія \ La Zone \ A stroll to the Zone
*You can buy this novel in any book market in Ukraine or France

A Stroll to the Zone is the confession of an illegal Chornobyl tourist and stalker. It’s not just a simple instruction on how to get there and not just a shallow attempt to describe the subculture. It’s a tale for those who are always interested to see the other side of the story. It’s for those who long to feel the wraith of the forest at night and the coldness of gaping holes in the abandoned houses, to touch the swamps and see the red flashes of Pripyat’s sunrises, hear the speechless and dead silence of abandoned towns, and then be so happy about the homelike feeling, when a blanket and hot tea are more important than anything in the world.

*You can buy this novel in any book market in Ukraine

After Chornobyl’s nuclear plant accident in 1986 a complete resettlement of Kyiv -
Ukraine’s capital with a population of several million people — was quite possible. In
his novel, «Kyiv-86″, the author has imagined how things might have turned out in
this case.
30 years after the accident a stalker guide leads Japanese tourists to their goal -
deserted Kyiv. Each tourist on the planet dreams to see it, but only a few dare to do
so. The author paints a vivid picture of an abandoned city with decorations of its
Communist past and depicts a clear image of battered buildings with quiet empty
rooms, where moth grows on carpets and frogs bathe in puddles on the roof under
young birches.
Kamysh doesn’t mourn for this lost Kyiv. He doesn’t focus too much on describing
the characters’ adventures in estranged Kyiv, although the book’s pages contain
some action, but concentrates on the narrator’s reflection instead. The author
perceives the city as eternal perfection, like the perfect love that never grows old.
The text accentuates how close Ukrainian identity is with Chornobyl’s theme and
reminds how close humanity is to the horror of world catastrophes.
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